Thermo-Calc is a software and database package for all kinds of phase equilibrium, phase diagram and phase transformation calculations and thermodynamic assessments; with its application-oriented interface, many types of process simulations can also be performed. It has been developed for complex heterogeneous interaction systems with strongly non-ideal solution phases and can be applied to any thermodynamic system in the fields of chemistry, metallurgy, material science, alloy development, geochemistry, semiconductors etc. depending on the kind of database it is connected to. It allows explicit conditions to be set on individual phases such as activities and chemical potentials of the components, volumes, enthalpies and entropies.

Reference: Andersson, J.O., Helander, T., Höglund, L., Shi, P., Sundman, B. (2002). Thermo-Calc & DICTRA, computational tools for materials science. Calphad 26, pp.273-312.