A new high-extrudability 6060 alloy has been developed by Aluminium of Greece (AoG) in collaboration with the Laboratory of Materials, University of Thessaly. The Alloyneering methodology was applied to design the alloy composition and the homogenization  process in order to increase the extrudability of 6060 alloy. The design involved simulation of the solidification process to control the as-cast microstructure and the microsegregation of alloying elements. The homogenization process and the transformation of iron intermetallics was simulated with a novel dual-grain model (DGM). The progress of homogenization was quantified by applying advanced quantitative metallography. Homogenization cooling was simulated with a modification of the KWN precipitation model in order to determine the effect of excess-Si. With the application of the above models it was possible to simulate the complete process chain of the alloy and to design the composition and homogenization process.

 The new alloy made by AoG is called 606088 Aeolus*. It exhibits a 40% higher extrusion speed compared to the conventional standard 6060 alloy, permitting increased productivity in industrial extrusion lines, without any sacrifice in strength.

* Aeolus: ruler of winds (greek mythology)

Contributors: G.N. Haidemenopoulos, P.I. Sarafoglou, M.I.T Tzini, I.S. Aristeidakis