DICTRA is a software package for simulation of diffusion controlled transformations in multicomponent alloys. It is closely linked with the Thermo-Calc, which provides all necessary thermodynamic calculations. The geometries treated are one-dimensional (planar, cylindrical and spherical). These geometries can successfully be used to model many processes of practical and scientific interest. DICTRA simulations make use of databases containing data for multicomponent thermodynamics and diffusion. Diffusion coefficients are calculated from the mobilities in the databases for diffusion and thermodynamic factors from the thermodynamic databases. The different models in DICTRA are then based on a solution of the multicomponent diffusion equations.

Reference:Borgenstam, A., Höglund, L., Ågren, J., Engström, A. (2000). DICTRA, a tool for simulation of diffusional transformations in alloys. Journal of Phase Equilibria 21, pp.269-280.

Link: www.thermocalc.com