A new aluminum alloy of the 6xxx series was recently designed. The first industrial trials indicated that the alloy possesses higher extrudability than the conventional counterpart, allowing higher extrusion speeds to be obtained. This results in higher productivity and energy efficiency in hot extrusion lines. The work is a result of a successful collaboration between Aluminium of Greece (AoG) and the Laboratory of Materials of the University of Thessaly. The work was based on the Ph.D. thesis of Dr. P.I. Sarafoglou, on the simulation and design of the homogenization process in 6xxx Al-alloys (Supervisor: Prof. G.N. Haidemenopoulos). Two undergraduste students, J.S. Aristeidakis and M.I.T.Tzini, were also involved in the quantification of the homogenization state with microstructural indices. The project has been an excellent example of the application of ICME principles in alloy design.